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Unlike other industries that have been already touched by modern times and change, the eyewear industry is still very traditional and mainly characterised by a tremendous lack of transparency with regards to quality and costs.

This is due to overly complicated supply chains and monopolies. Given these severe inefficiencies and dominant powers, excessive margins of sometimes more than 90% are added over the manufacturer price for retail purposes. 

When we discovered these facts while still being in the customer's shoes, we felt seriously cheated and decided to start solving this problem and be part of the change. 

So we buckled up and strived to find creative solutions to bring you high quality eyewear without the traditional markup.

This led to our decision of cutting all the unnecessary intermediaries between us and the manufacturer and selling through an online channel. This modern retail model enables us to cut costs on our end and in turn, lower the prices we charge to our customers. 

The Glasses Club Cheap Prescription Eyewear

We think it is important to emphasise that we deliver the same result as an expensive eyewear store or optician - and for less - but we are not doing it all alone. We work with an exceptional manufacturer who believes in a new future for eyewear and supports us on our mission. We also collaborate with a top lens laboratory whose team is dedicated to ensuring that your lenses requirements are perfectly met. 

All these efforts and collaborations make it possible for us to bring you the quirkiest designs and the highest product quality without the traditional retail markup. We refuse to compromise on the design and quality of our products, or work with the same prices most of the industry does.

Compromising on quality or charging the same high prices would make us no different and therefore give us no reason to exist.

Thank you for reading about our Supply Chain,

The Glasses Club