Our Story

The eyewear industry seems a bit complicated - and this is exactly what got us started on The Glasses Club journey. While we were in our customers’ shoes, looking for the perfect pair of glasses, we weren’t able to find answers to such simple questions:


Why are glasses so expensive? Which lenses should I choose to protect my vision? How do I distinguish between high and low quality frames? My eyes are important, how can I find reassurance that the product that I am buying is right for me? 

As spectacles people, these are all dilemmas which baffled us on a regular and finally pushed us to find answers. We became puzzled by what we discovered. Due to complicated supply chains and monopolies, excessive margins of sometimes more than 90% are added over the manufacturing price for retail purposes. 

Well… we felt seriously cheated and decided to start solving this problem and be part of the change. 

All our efforts and meaningful collaborations make it possible for us to bring you the quirkiest designs and the highest product quality without the traditional retail markup. We refuse to compromise on the design and quality of our products, or work with the same prices that most part of the industry does.

Compromising on quality or charging the same high prices would make us no different and therefore give us no reason to exist.

We hope our story gave you a new perspective and made you as excited as we are about The Glasses Club mission.

Thank you for reading our story,

The Glasses Club

Muntplein 2, 1012 WR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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